A Compendium of Theories

This thread on Westeros.org is an accumulated list of all the theories in ASOIAF, categorised by types like ‘True Identities’ and ‘Conspiracies’. A Wiki of Ice and Fire also has a page assigned for speculation and theories (you can see an index of them here); both compilations are extensive and updated. Note: Both compilations list theories pertaining to the books (the show’s modified storyline has meant that some theories like Coldhands’ identity remain debatable).

Game of Thrones Scripts

Read the annotated scripts for Game of Thrones’ seasons at Genius.com. The scripts, though not official versions, are annotated with tagged spoilers and further elaboration, and are kept up to date with each season. A useful companion for show watchers.

Official scripts for entire seasons haven’t been released for public view, but the Television Academy’s website releases the scripts of episodes nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (they’re entirely worth it, and vary slightly from the finished version). For now, there are scripts for S04E10 (“The Children”), S05E10 (“Mother’s Mercy”), and S06E09 (“Battle of the Bastards”).