Watch Log

July 17, Monday

Watched the first episode about 12 hours after the premiere because it was a Monday (and 9 pm EST is 6:30 in the morning for us). Mostly just took notes of reactions on Reddit, and they were primarily about: the catspaw dagger, Sam’s chores montage, the Lannister soldiers and Arya, and the scenes with the Hound and co. Apparently lots of people found them ‘deep’, and an equally large number thought he was kidding around with the fire-reading bit. Other things that were discussed: the gravedigger reference, and the giant wights/wight giants. Also Euron’s clothes, which everybody thinks is out of place: comparisons have been made to ‘washed-up rockstars’. And Euron’s gift, which has been speculated to be the Dornish plotline, which everybody hates. There was some grumbling about how Dragonstone was empty and unlocked when Dany got there. And also about what that wooden map-table had been through. I think that’s about it. Less speculating than I’d thought.


I’m already getting impatient. Waiting a week to watch the next episode is something I’m not used to.


The week’s almost done. Finally another Monday morning. I read an article yesterday about how in the new season’s opening credits, the Bay of Seals and the Bay of Ice were frozen over, so the Hound’s fire-reading about the Army of the Dead marching past the Wall was because now they could actually walk over what was once water.

July 24, Monday

Whoa, watched episode two. Things are looking up, I think. I thought maybe I was getting bored of GoT because the first episode didn’t really make me feel anything, but I liked this one a lot more. It felt like I was returning to my earliest days of GoT after a long, long while.

Besides this, other people’s reactions were about: Littlefinger and Sansa, and also the whole Jon situation. I think some people like how Sansa’s arc is going and some people don’t. And then there was the sea battle. Some people think that Theon’s going to do something heroic later. Poor Theon. And everybody thought Euron was cool and all. Swinging in like that and killing all those Sand Snakes. And Nymeria was ginormous. Massive. And the greyscale operation. And the transitions: like last episode was soup and shit at the Citadel, and this time it was the greyscale thing and pie. I don’t remember anything else in particular, but I’m having lots of fun on Reddit.

Before the Show

It can be difficult unearthing the first ASOIAF forums, especially when some have become obsolete, and others like the Dragonstone fan forum no longer exist. What we have are forum discussions on Google Groups and memorial threads on

This Reddit post compiles some of the earliest (and possible the first) fan speculation of the you-know-what theory (the R+L=J one); the post takes you to a ton of other places, like nineteen-year old discussion threads. The History of the Board thread on is an actual history, and this other thread also elaborates on the fandom’s ‘early days’.