Before the Show

It can be difficult unearthing the first ASOIAF forums, especially when some have become obsolete, and others like the Dragonstone fan forum no longer exist. What we have are forum discussions on Google Groups and memorial threads on

This Reddit post compiles some of the earliest (and possible the first) fan speculation of the you-know-what theory (the R+L=J one); the post takes you to a ton of other places, like nineteen-year old discussion threads. The History of the Board thread on is an actual history, and this other thread also elaborates on the fandom’s ‘early days’.


The Five-Year Gap That Wasn’t


This post by BBFish discusses the events of A Storm of Swords and the following two books affected by GRRM scrapping his five-year gap plan. It pretty much covers everything, as does this one by u/hollowaydivision which elaborates on the growing-up stage of the books’ younger characters.