Holding the Door


S06E05 of Game of Thrones gave Hodor’s name a whole new meaning. For reasons unfathomable, Hodor’s death was much more upsetting than one might have thought—perhaps because it simultaneously revealed Hodor’s past, and the full extent of Bran’s warging capabilities. But some fans have known (sort of) what Hodor means for ages. Continue reading

A Compendium of Theories

This thread on Westeros.org is an accumulated list of all the theories in ASOIAF, categorised by types like ‘True Identities’ and ‘Conspiracies’. A Wiki of Ice and Fire also has a page assigned for speculation and theories (you can see an index of them here); both compilations are extensive and updated. Note: Both compilations list theories pertaining to the books (the show’s modified storyline has meant that some theories like Coldhands’ identity remain debatable).