The ASOIAF/GoT Demographic Survey Results

The results of the ASOIAF/GoT Survey.

Date: 10 January 2017, 11:50 GMT
Number of responses: 4380
Duration of survey: 7 January 2017, 15:30 GMT to 10 January 2017, 11:50 GMT

Results (Summary)


Majority: 18 to 29 years category, at 71.9% (3151 votes)
Others: 30 to 44 years category, at 18% (790 votes);
Under 18 years category, at 8.2% (358 votes);
Above 45 years category, at 1.8% (81 votes)


Majority: Male category, at 81.8% (3585 votes)
Others: Female category, at 17.3% (759 votes);
Other category, at 0.8% (36 responses)


Majority: You read the books and you watch the show category, at 90.5% (3966 votes)
Others: You only watch the show category, at 6.7% (292 votes);
You only read the books category, at 2.8% (122 votes)

Option 1: Book Readers

Screenshot 2017-01-10 18.22.05.png‘When did you start reading the books?’ was a short-answer question, with majority votes for the year 2014, and next most for the years 2010 and 2013.


‘Why did you start reading the books?’ was a long-answer question, with answer ranging from ‘Recommended’ (the majority at 5.7%),  to ‘Cheaper than watching the show’.


Notes: The Other category included notes about respondents who’d watched a few seasons of the show before and then stopped. Some considered having a go at the show again, and others considered waiting until all the books in the ASOIAF series had been published.

Option 2: Show watchers

image-3‘When did you start watching the show?’ was a short-answer question, with majority votes for the year 2014, and the next most votes for the years 2012 and 2013. (Note: text responses and slightly-varying values have made this chart look a tad wonky.)

image (1).png

‘Why did you start watching the show?’ was a long-answer question, with most responses ranging from ‘Word of mouth’, to ‘Show’s popularity, and clips/memes on the internet’.


Notes: The Other category included responses ranging from ‘I’d like to, but I lack the time,’ to ‘I read some but haven’t continued’. Some respondents considered reading the books when the show was done; others said they’d listened to the audio books.

Option 3: Book readers + Show watchers

Majority: I began watching the show first category, at 62.2% (2467 votes)
Others: I began reading the books first category, at 27.7% (1097 votes);
I watched the show and read the books simultaneously category, at 9.2% (365 votes);
Other category, at 0.9% (37 responses)

‘Why did you start reading the books?’ was a long-answer question, with popular answers like, ‘Needed something to do during the off-season,’ and ‘The show was good,’. There were lots of ‘Recommendations’ as well, and some respondents said they wanted to know how the story went before the next season aired. (Note: No graph because of the ginormous range of text responses.)

‘Why did you start watching the show?’ was a long-answer question, with most respondents saying that they ‘heard about it because of its popularity’, or that they ‘liked the books’.

Majority: The books category, at 64.6% (2562 votes)
Others: They’re both equally good category, at 30.6% (1214 votes);
The show category, at 4.8% (189 votes)

Majority: Yes, it did category, at 83.6% (2746 votes)
Others: No, it didn’t category, at 9.2% (301 votes);
Other category, at 7.3% (239 responses)
Notes: Most of the Other category responses said that specific seasons (for instance, some mentioned seasons one to three) were good, and then the show got progressively worse. Others said that the past few seasons have been ‘hit-and-miss’, and disliked the fact that the showrunners had begun to stray from the books.

Majority: No category, at 47.2% (1826 votes)
Others: Yes category, at 47.1% (1824 votes);
Other category, at 5.7% (219 responses)
Notes: Most Other category respondents commented on their level of bothered-ness. Some said ‘Yes and no,’, others said ‘slightly’, others said they’d ‘rather read it from the author himself’. Others regretted the major storyline changes on the TV show. Some respondents said that they minded that the books had been overtaken, but they understood why it had happened.

If you’ve got the patience for it, look at individual responses organised in this spreadsheet. Individual entries are in the ‘Survey Responses’ sheet, where each entry has a row to itself. The other six sheets contain charts.If you’d like any help with anything at all, or you’d like to make a correction or suggestion, go ahead and send us a message (or post a comment). Note: The spreadsheet might take a while to load, on account of its size.

This survey is still open to responses, and since percentages and charts might change over time, this page should prove useful. It includes a constantly-changing analysis report of both the survey and the responses it received.


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