The ASOIAF fandom takes analysing and interpreting to such great extents that an oft-repeated phrase or a chance word can be proof enough for a theory. The theories in this compilation are, as a redditor once said, “fucking moronic and well thought-out at the same time”. Warning: Alt Shift X overload.

1. Bolt-On

So famous that it has a page to itself on A Wiki of Ice and Fire.

2. Jojen Paste

Jojen Paste is pretty convincing, and we’re still waiting for The Winds of Winter, but this post did it for me.

3. D+D=T

The time-travelling foetus became a thing sometime at the end of March in 2015 when this redditor proclaimed it a never-before-seen theory and resulted in leagues of resurgent Tyrion-is-a-Targaryen fans and this letter.

4. Varys is a Merman

This Reddit post from June 2013 is probably the earliest recording of this theory, but this theory blew up during the final episodes of Season 6 of the TV show, when Varys travelled from Dorne to Meereen in a seemingly short space of time.

5. Arya=Batman

This article from June 2015 lays out the argument for Arya=Batman pretty well, but this WordPress post is all the way from 2014, and covers it all.

6. It’s all Bran’s fault


When Season 6 began dwelling on how Bran could actually affect the past, and thus the course of time, and thus the present via his visions, and then it was revealed that Hodor was all Bran’s fault, they blamed him for everything. Everything.

7. Lyanna’s Horse

When, for the first time, viewers saw a young Hodor (“Hodor talks!”) in S06E02, they started theorising about everything in that scene, including the horse. This was cleared up three episodes later in “The Door”, and how!

Note: If you think all this is insane, wait till you see this.


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