Game of Thrones Condensed: A List

1. Alt Shift X’s  Game of Thrones Seasons 1–6 in 5 Minutes

Alt Shift X’s simplification of seasons one through six of Game of Thrones is precise and in rhyme, and is made even funnier as a recitation with ASX’s signature enunciation.

2. The Official Long Story Short

Game of Throne’s officially-produced Long Story Short speaks more of the creators Dan Weiss’ and David Benioff’s story from the initial stages of season one to the present state of things. Also, narrated by Charles Dance.

3. Game of Thrones Official Beginner’s Guide

This beginner’s guide condenses six seasons’ worth of material pretty well; almost as well as ASX. This time, Samuel L. Jackson does the voices the thing.

4. Honest Trailers’ Game of Thrones Volumes 1 and 2

Honest Trailers made two trailers for GOT; one for season one through three, and the second one for seasons four and five. They’re both, well, honest.

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