Game of Thrones Music Parodies: A List

1. Coldplay’s Game of Thrones Musical

Coldplay’s parodistic musical for charity features several members of the Game of Thrones cast, plus extended versions of Rastafarian Targaryen and Peter Dinklage singing, among other things.

2. Nerdist’s parody

Nerdist’s parody addresses GRRM’s literary mass murdering (“Sorry Sean Bean,”) to the tune of “Blank Space”.

3. The Warp Zone’s medley

The Warp Zone’s parody features the members of three of Westeros’ greatest houses—Stark, Lannister and the endangered House Targaryen—singing in a medley of parodies of pop music.

4. The Warp Zone’s other medley

The Warp Zone’s other medley is a tribute to the show’s best-known dead characters, from (spoilers) Ned Stark to Oberyn Martell. It ends with them all singing together to a parody of Bastille’s “Pompeii”.

5. The Key of Awesome’s parody

The Key of Awesome’s parody is from 2012, back when season two’d just finished and the show was still gathering speed, and epitomises the quintessential GOT fan.

6. Epic Rap Battles of History: Tolkien vs GRRM

ERB pairs the fantasy genre’s most successful writers in this rap battle at the beginning of the sixth season of the show.

Bonus: SNL’s “Space Pants”, featuring Peter Dinklage and Gwen Stefani

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