The Last Off-Season

In one (or maybe two) year’s time there’ll be no show to theorise about, so I’m documenting this last bout. (In chronological order.)  Continue reading “The Last Off-Season”


Art by Raymond Waskita

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Watch Log

July 17, Monday

Watched the first episode about 12 hours after the premiere because it was a Monday (and 9 pm EST is 6:30 in the morning for us). Mostly just took notes of reactions on Reddit, and they were primarily about: the catspaw dagger, Sam’s chores montage, the Lannister soldiers and Arya, and the scenes with the Hound and co. Apparently lots of people found them ‘deep’, and an equally large number thought he was kidding around with the fire-reading bit. Other things that were discussed: the gravedigger reference, and the giant wights/wight giants. Also Euron’s clothes, which everybody thinks is out-of-place: comparisons have been made to ‘washed-up rockstars’. And Euron’s gift, which has been speculated to be the Dornish plotline, which everybody hates. There was some grumbling about how Dragonstone was empty and unlocked when Dany got there. And also about what that wooden map-table had been through. I think that’s about it. Continue reading “Watch Log”